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James L. Streeter is Owner and President of North East Forensics, LLC; a Connecticut based private forensic evidence consultant company specializing in the forensic examination of questioned documents and imprint/impression evidence.

Prior to establishing North East Forensics, LLC in 2005, he was a forensic document examiner and co-owner of North Eastern Forensic Consultants for over ten years.

Mr. Streeter retired from the Connecticut State Police Forensic Science Laboratory with over twenty-one years of credited service as a Forensic Science Examiner in the disciplines of questioned documents, handwriting and imprints/impressions evidence.

His initial training in questioned document examination was provided by the late Elizabeth McCarthy in Boston, MA in the late 1970’s. He received advanced training in questioned documents and imprint/impression examinations under the tutelage of Kenneth B. Zercie, a court qualified questioned document/imprint/impression examiner at the Connecticut State Police Forensic Science Laboratory.  He holds both Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Criminal Justice and a Masters Degree in Industrial Relations from the University of New Haven. He is a graduate of the Connecticut Municipal Police Academy and has attended the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Footwear and Tire Track and Handwriting Examination schools and also the United States Secret Service Questioned Documents school.

He has conducted examinations and provided opinions relating to questioned documents, handwriting and impression evidence for numerous local, state and federal law enforcement agencies; state public defenders offices, attorney firms; banking and financial institutions; insurance companies; Fortune 500 and private manufacturing companies and private clients in the states of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Michigan, Missouri, Texas, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Maryland, Georgia, Florida, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, District of Columbia, North Carolina, Virginia, Oklahoma, Arizona, California, Indiana, Wyoming, Louisiana and Minnesota.  He has also rendered opinions in the countries of Portugal, Canada, Taiwan and Cyprus.

He has provided expert testimony relating to questioned documents, handwriting and imprint/impression examinations on over seventy (70) occasions in various civil and criminal courts in the states of Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, California and North Carolina.  He has also provided expert testimony in handwriting and questioned documents examinations in United States Federal District Courts in New Haven and Hartford, Connecticut.

Mr. Streeter is currently a member of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, the International Association for Identification, the Northeastern Association of Forensic Scientists, and the Midwestern Association of Forensic Scientists.  He is the former chairman and is presently a member of the International Association for Identification's Questioned Document sub-committee and is a member of the National Standards and  Technology's Phystic/Pattern Scientific Area Committee's Footwear and Tire Tread sub-committee and a former member of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Scientific Working Group on Shoeprint and Tire Tread Evidence (SWGTREAD).  

He is a Certified Footwear Examiner by the International Identification for Identification and maintains a "Letter of Permit Exception" (License #FPIE 016) authorizing him to conduct Questioned Document and Impressions (Footwear) Examinations in the State of Maryland.

Mr. Streeter maintains an extensive library of the leading books and articles relating to the disciplines of questioned documents, handwriting, imprints and impressions.  He has researched, authored and/or co-authored several scientific and technical articles, papers and publications relating to various aspects of questioned document and imprint/impression examinations.  Presentations of many of these articles have been made to professional organizations throughout the country.  He continues to guest lecture at numerous colleges and universities providing course studies and laboratory instructions in the areas of questioned documents and imprint/impression evidence and examinations. 

His laboratory is equipped with various instruments and pieces of equipment necessary to conduct detailed examination, including various magnification devices, microscopes, various measuring instrument, alternate lighting equipment, Electrostatic Detection Apparatus (ESDA), Video Spectral Comparator (VSC-200), cameras (film and digital), scanners and computer enhancement programs.












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